Tilly and Bel.  Can be adopted as a pair together, or separately.

Two gorgeous ragdoll girls. Aged 9 and strawberry volunteers collected them, had their agonising skin sorted ( poor things had flea allergies and their skin was a mess, so they had full lion cut and skin is now fabulous!!) Had bloods, need booster and dentals with us. We give months of care for each cat. Lovebugs and been great with other cats.

Indoor. Lived with other cats and would be adaptable with dogs. Wonderful chatty girls.

West Midlands location.

Despite rescue funding all costs, adoption fee is only 125 each. Bloods showed kidneys great etc. Only slightly elevated white blood cell count though to be sore skin but will be repeated before dentals.

Update 10.10.21:

Brilliant news… Bel has improved since we syringed in meds, liquid food and water for a few days. By the time admitted at vets, she was up and eating again!! So our TLC worked thankfully and her wbc high count has improved. Poor thing aged 9 had that benign lump we had removed, skin infections etc. Now all we need to fund is a dental on her before homing. Loves cats and dogs.
Come on… adopt an oldie!! Lovebug.